A discussion of the student presidential election

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Campaign and Election Activities and Discussion Questions

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2016 Presidential Election

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Spelling The task is important. Grades Boom a Poll, Debate the Issue:. Student Government Association court proceedings took place Tuesday night in regards to several election grievances. The campaign of Adran Gibbs, candidate for SGA president, and Prince Ohene.

Sep 21,  · Teaching and Learning With the Presidential Debates Image Hillary Clinton at a rally in Tampa, Fla., and Donald J. Trump at a campaign event in Clive, Iowa, this month.

For our students, witnessing a real election, particularly a general or presidential race, can be an exhilarating opportunity to learn about the process itself, but also about how that process reflects the history of the nation, how its people view their own leaders and how media and money play a role.

Campaign and Election Activities and Discussion Questions The race to the White House is on! Grab your students’ attention and captivate them in campaign and election tactics, rhetoric, and processes using our toolkit of activities and discussion questions.

How teachers and students discuss the election in the classroom

From the transcripts of former presidential debates come thorny questions on topics that are still hot, but also very different, in the year Students write current questions for Presidential candidates, on nuclear weapons, the.

The Commission on Presidential Debates was established in by the Democratic and Republican Parties and has sponsored all presidential and vice presidential general election debates since Watch each debate.

Post-election Conversations A discussion of the student presidential election
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Presidential Election