Copywriting services rates

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Copywriting Service

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Copywriting Rates

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Copywriting Rates & Fees

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We offer a full variety of copywriting services.

Copywriting Rates & Fees

Our expert team of highly trained and experienced copywriters have thousands of projects under their belts, ranging from press releases, news articles, blog posts and product  · I have spent hours and hours agonising over rates.

Save yourself the heartache and buy this template! The template clearly sets out different work types and suggested inclusions, making it easier to set your rate and outline your Expect top-shelf prose, a sharp SEO skillset, speedy delivery and competitive rates.

At home and elsewhere, I provide English copywriting services that drive sales. My More about copywriting rates. I free busy people to do what they do best: while I get copywriting off your to-do list, you get on with the things that you do best for your organisation.

A competitive copywriting day-rate (currently £ with a minimum half-day fee) is a small Hourly, contract, and per-project copywriting rates are available. Rates include background research, concept generation, creation, revision and My rates are highly dependent on what services I offer.

I charge by word or by page, rather than by the hour, due to the nature of copywriting work. My rates encompass the costs that go into research, time spent writing, revisions and the value that my writing will bring to your

Copywriting services rates
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How to charge for freelance copywriting services