Effects of extra curricular activities in academic performance of students

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Selecting extracurricular activities for your child

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A stream of research in the accounting education literature focuses on investigating the determinants of students’ academic performance in an undergraduate accountancy degree programme. The objective of the current study is to highlight another determinant from the general education literature, the impact of extracurricular activities (ECA.

Is there any significance of extra-curricular activities in the academic performance of the students? 2.

The Academic Merit of Extracurricular Activities

To determine the benefits of extra- curricular activities to class participation of the students. It is possible, for example, that students who succeed academically will automatically be drawn to extra curricular activities (reverse causation) or that a third variable, like a student’s level of motivation, leads to both extra-curricular success and academic performance (confounding variable).

Extracurricular activities seemed to have a good impact on academic performance and students education. Extracurricular Activities Affects the Academic Standings of Students One source stated that e xtra-curricular activities connect students to school.

The Effects of Athletic Participation on Academic Achievement and Social Status differences in the effects of athletic participation between males and females, particularly Although there is some evidence that athletics can enhance the academic performance for students in general, there may be some major differences between males.

Everyone Gains: Extracurricular Activities in High School activities in high school on students’ all-important SAT scores, while controlling for the effects of other important activities, academic achievement levels (i.e., grades), parental education, family income, and their race or.

Effects of extra curricular activities in academic performance of students
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Extracurricular Activities and Student Motivation - Educational Leadership