Research proposal on determinants of early pregnancy among students

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Mar 14,  · In this study, citations were seen before and or after the quoted topic by reflecting the author name, the page and the year when was the manuscript or. View Notes - Determinants-of-early-infant from ENGINEERIN tyh at Kenyatta University.

Original Research Determinants of early infant diagnosis and treatment of HIV among exposed infants in. RESEARCH PROPOSAL. Name: EMMANUEL MENSAH Title: TEENAGE PREGNANCY AND ITS EFFECT ON A GIRLS ACADAMIC PROGRESSION IN KABAKABA EDUCATIONAL CIRCUIT IN THE CENTERAL REGION ABSTRACT Teenage pregnancy is the period where children between the ages of 12 to 17 become pregnant.5/5(7).

Antenatal care (ANC), which is given to pregnant women, is widely used for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of general medical and pregnancy-related complications. This study assessed the prevalence of early ANC visit and associated factors among pregnant women attending ANC. Nov 12,  · Consequently, several studies done in Ghana have identified the correlates and determinants of early sexual activity, pregnancy, contraception, and unsafe abortions,22 However, only a few have explored the experiences of adolescent mothers,24 The main objective of this paper, therefore, is to use qualitative data to .

Research proposal on determinants of early pregnancy among students
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