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Understand the Review Process

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FY 2018 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

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SBIR Grant Writers

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SBIR Grant Writers

We custom essay the training to your motivation to ensure maximum prose to your words and needs. Technical Writing Proven & Trusted Becky’s editing skills and extensive knowledge of the grant process improved the quality of our SBIR National Science Foundation grant proposal.

Michigan Assistance Program. Funded by a grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) and administered through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, BBCetc provides SBIR/STTR proposal development services to technology-based entrepreneurs and early-stage companies throughout Michigan.

We are a U.S. based STTR and SBIR grant writing and support company, and we have been leading the industry since Our core services include: STTR and SBIR grant proposal writing for all funding institutes and disciplines.

developed a grant writing assistance program: the Kentucky SBIR/STTR Phase Zero and Phase Double Zero grants. The grants program is available to Kentucky’s small.


LIFT Associates provides comprehensive proposal development services to US firms engaged, or wishing to engage, in Government contract research. LIFT Associates specializes in providing SBIR proposal consulting services but engages in other types of proposal development activities, as well.

Grant writing requirements for SBIR/STTR can make the process seem daunting, but, as with other types of fundraising, there are negatives and positives to this financial resource. Given the validation and non-dilutive nature of this source, it can be well worth the effort.

Sbir grant writing services
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