Setting goals gen 105 week 5

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GEN 105 Week 5

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GEN 105 Week 5 Setting Goals

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Sec. Towns to maintain schools.

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Public schools including kindergartens shall be maintained in each town for at least one hundred eighty days of actual school sessions during each year, and for the school year commencing July 1,and each school year thereafter, in accordance with the provisions of section q.

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CHAPTER * EMPLOYMENT REGULATION *Function of commissioner with respect to chapter. C.

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Temporary injunctions would not be granted to restrain enforcement of penal provisions even if enforcement of chapter would be accompanied by injury to plaintiff's property. 9 CS The impetus for this crackdown appears to be that Hun Sen and the CPP fear that without such measures they cannot be sure of winning the next national elections scheduled for July

Setting goals gen 105 week 5
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