Starting school an hour later could be good for students

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Start school day at 11am to let students sleep in, says expert

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Study: Students Benefit from Later Start to School Day

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The data keep me to use several different methods to analyze the contest of start does on student achievement. The typical explanation for why later start times might increase academic achievement is that by starting school later, students will get more sleep.

As students enter adolescence, hormonal changes make it difficult for them to compensate for early school start times by going to bed earlier. The healthy, safety, and equity benefits to starting middle and high school at times more in sync with the sleep needs of students are irrefutable.

Benefits include: Improved alertness, memory, attention, and cognitive processing skills. Teachers get exasperated at students—they don’t pay attention, they’re sleepy, they have bad attitudes.

But improvement could be a matter of timing—just start school later. In my opinion starting school later will not make a difference, considering students will have the same amount of hours to complete the.

Sep 04,  · Watch video · In one study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, crash rates fell by % in the two years after a school district shifted its start times an hour later, compared to the two years before.

Later High School Start Times Improve Student Learning and Health

In Mashpee, a panel of educators, parents, and school leaders last month recommended starting the Cape town’s high school an hour later, a.m., beginning fall

Starting school an hour later could be good for students
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Students see benefits from later school start times - The Boston Globe